About The Andersons Cob Products

As our largest and most popular product line, Grit-O’Cobs has been trusted in countless applications around the world!
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The Magic of the Corncob

The amazing corncob has both absorbent and abrasive properties. The chaff is on the outside, the pith is the soft spongy center, and the tough woody ring is formed in between. The chaff and pith provide absorbency while the woody ring has major abrasive properties.

For an introduction to corncob, including information on the drying, milling and packaging process flow, download the PDF.

The Andersons Cob Products — Grit-o’Cobs, Dri-Zorb and Stabl-Zorb — represent a complete line of corncob products that are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers looking for efficient, and effective tools that provide professional results and exceptional value.

What Are Andersons Cob Products Used For?

While we are constantly learning of new applications for our products, some of the most common applications include: for blast cleaning, paint removal, and restoration, as a carrier for animal vitamins and nutrients, as a foundry core burnout material, for grease and grime removal, for meat, poultry and fish smoking, for parts drying and absorption, for polishing and deburring, for oil and gas drilling operations for boat cleaning (both wooden hulls and aluminum floats), as a spill absorbent, sludge remediator, and sports turf absorbent, for taxidermy and animal hide cleaning, as a traction and non-slip agent, and much more!

Our customers include: professional contractors, restoration specialists, plant managers and superintendents, product manufacturers, scientists, taxidermists, and do-it-yourselfers such as pet owners, boat owners, log home owners, maintenance and remediation providers.

From blasting to polishing, cleaning to absorbing, cob does it all!

Andersons Lab Bedding Products

Our corncob is also sold into the Laboratory Animal industry as bedding for mice, rats and other animals. With brands like Bed-o’Cobs, Enrich-o’Cobs, Bed-r’Nest and more, we provide the industry with a complete line of bedding, nesting and enrichment products. To learn more, visit www.andersonslabbedding.com.

The Andersons & Mt. Pulaski Products

On October 30, 2012, The Andersons announced the purchase of Mt. Pulaski Products (Mt. Pulaski, IL). The completion of this purchase positions The Andersons as the industry’s only cob processor and product manufacturer with multiple mills. The addition of these mills, and the cob supply associated with them, will allow us to more effectively serve our customers and grow with them.

With applications ranging from blasting and polishing to stabilization and remediation, The Andersons Cob Products represent the most comprehensive line of corncob products on the market.

Hard and abrasive, yet soft and absorbent; strong and powerful, yet gentle and biodegradable, the properties of our products seem impossible. But bottom line, they work. No matter the application, with Andersons Cob Products, you’ll achieve professional results and outstanding value.