Sports Turf Absorbents

Our high-efficiency absorbents rapidly absorb puddles and wet areas on sports turf — allowing play to begin or resume immediately. “Nature’s own sponge” makes the ideal absorbent for athletic fields, parks, playgrounds and more.

Our free-flowing corncob can be easily applied with a spreader or by hand.

With Andersons Cob Products, you can minimize delay and get back to play!

How to Use


Our corncob absorbents can be applied in three easy steps:

Step 1) Spread a covering over a soggy surface using a spreader or by hand.

Step 2) Work in with a rake if appropriate – continuing to apply until you achieve the desired surface condition*. Your absorbed puddle can now be shoveled off, leaving a moist instead of a wet surface.

Step 3) Get back to enjoying your sports field!


*Usage rates will vary by amount of water to be absorbed.



How Do I Know Which Product to Use?


For sports field absorption, we recommend the use of our Dri-Zorb Product.

For more information, visit our products page or contact us today.

Features & Benefits

  • Absorbs over 4x its weight
  • Absorbs more, faster – excellent cost efficiencies
  • For all outdoor earth, grass, or cinder playing surfaces
  • No build-up on playing surfaces
  • Won’t break down under playing conditions
  • Won’t clog or harm glass surfaces
  • 100% organic – made from North American corn cob



Click here to download the Dri•Zorb brochure!