Grit-O’Cobs corn cob grit easily meets the special needs of restoration contractors. Grit-O’Cobs provides an effective yet gentle blasting solution for historical buildings, treasured possessions and artifacts that require a perfect cleaning while preserving quality and balance.

Representing a superior alternative to sand or water blasting, boat owners have found Grit-O’Cobs to also be a safe and effective media for the cleaning of aluminum pontoon floats, fiberglass and wooden hulls, and brass boat instruments and fixtures.

Grit-O’Cobs is also ideal for the non-destructive cleaning of metal fixtures and ornaments.

How To Select


Restoration grades for corn cob blast cleaning are selected based on the material being cleaned. Here’s what we recommend:

For brick or stone surfaces
Grit-o’Cobs 1014

For brass fixtures & ornaments
Grit-o’Cobs 1420

For wood structures & boat hulls
Grit-o’Cobs 2040 or 4060

For aluminum and stainless steel
Grit-o’Cobs 1420 or 2040



Still not sure which Grit-O’Cobs product is right for you? Don’t see your application listed here? We can help – contact us today!

Features & Benefits

  • Lower cost, superior alternative to sand or water blasting
  • Environmentally friendly & biodegradable
  • No silica content
  • Material is not harmful to sand beaches
  • Capture of spent material is not required in most cases
  • Represents a dry blast cleaning option – just sweep up the spent cob grit
  • Contains no silica
  • Easy to handle 40 lb. bags



Before beginning any project, test a small area to determine if masking may be required or if you need to adjust P.S.I. and/or C.F.M. to prevent damage to surfaces.



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