Oil Field Solidification

Remediation Blend is specifically designed for use in oil field applications. As an all-natural product with superior absorption characteristics, Remediation Blend provides environmental advantages and cost and labor savings.

Remediation Blend — Corncob Stabilization Media

StablZorb_Red_SmallRemediation Blend is a proprietary blend of corncob media, specifically designed to maximize the absorption of flowback material during the stabilization process. Remediation Blend provides 4x* absorption power and immediate activation — quickly solidifying sludge and flowback material.

While other well cuttings stabilization products are limited in the fluids they can absorb, Remediation Blend has been engineered to provide superior absorption on a wide variety of fluids, including water, brine, oil and diesel fuel.

With Remediation Blend, you’ll require less material per 1000 cubic yards of sludge:

  • 30% less than sawdust
  • 65% less than rice hulls
  • 90% less than hydrated lime

With an overall absorption capacity of 4-to-1, Remediation Blend allows for less landfill trips, less material stored on the pad, fewer trucks on the road, and lower disposal cost per pound.


* Fluids and absorbency rates vary by well location. Rates listed herein should be treated as approximations.

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Features & Benefits

Made of 100% all-natural corncob material, Remediation Blend is biodegradable, renewable, silica-free and non-carcinogenic.

In addition to its environmentally-friendly characteristics, Remediation Blend is designed to save you both time and money at your well site — providing absorbency and efficiency advantages that directly result in both logistical and labor savings.



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