Meat, Poultry & Fish Smoking

Corncob has been used for centuries as a smoking media for meats, fish and poultry. Smoking with corncob produces a thick, white smoke, comparable to hickory wood in efficiency, flavor and color of the smoked items.

As an environmentally friendly, all natural product with no additives, Grit-o’Cobs is as clean and safe as corn on the cob.

How to Use Grit-o’Cobs Corncob In Your Smoker


Now with its 1/4″ particle size, it’s easy to use the correct amount of Grit-o’Cobs to create the level of smoke required.

Soak a cup of the cob in water for at least 1/2 hour prior to use. Spread over the coals or heat plate. A controlled smoke will commence soon depending upon your heat level. Cook as desired and enjoy!

Grit-o’Cobs is great for fish, venison, wild game, turkey, or any other meat you want to try!



Which Product Do I Use?


The ideal corncob media for use in smokers is our Grit-o’Cobs +8 product.



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Features & Benefits

  • All Natural
  • Renewable Resource
  • Imbibes an earthy flavor
  • Very low ash content — doesn’t add to the ash box
  • High BTU content- won’t degrade your constant heat
  • Economical–a small amount produces a lot of smoke