Grease & Grime Removal

Grit-O’Cobs is an excellent choice for cleaning grease-covered components and equipment of all shapes and sizes. Among the many applications for cob blast cleaning are:

  • Electrical motors, insulators & generators
  • Off-road equipment
  • Oil rigs
  • Mining equipment
  • Gear housings & other mechanical parts

A large number of in-plant applications include cob blast cleaning of dampers and ventilation grates.


How To Select


Grit-o’Cobs corncob grit is available in three basic granule sizes ideal for grease and grime removal (coarse, medium and fine).

Grit-o’Cobs 1014 (coarse)
Large particles provide rapid material removal.

Grit-o’Cobs 1420 (medium)
Medium sized particles provide more precise material removal.

Grit-o’Cobs 2040 (fine)
Fine particles offer precise, targeted material removal; Excellent for log home blast cleaning and paint removal.



Think your job requires a different blast cleaning grit size? Have a special project? Contact our customer service team today!

Features & Benefits

  • Grit-O’Cobs particles “trap” grease & oil for controlled disposal or incineration
  • High absorption produces positive results
  • Efficient, dust free, low cost solution
  • Eliminate messy liquids
  • Dry blast cleaning
  • Easy cleanup & disposal
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • No silica content



Before beginning any project, test a small area to determine if masking may be required or if you need to adjust P.S.I. and/or C.F.M. to prevent damage to surfaces.



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