Fur Cleaning

For years, dry cleaning operations have mixed corncob granules with dry cleaning fluid to clean furs including coats, pelts, scarves and other items.

The fur cleaning process is much different than that of the fabric/clothing cleaning process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Fur garments are tumbled with corncobs to loosen and remove soils.

Step 2) The fur garments are vacuumed to remove any remaining corncob from both and the fur and the lining of the item.

Step 3) Once all corncob particulate has been removed, the fur is then glazed — this is done to introduce oils to the fur and to realign the hairs of the fur.



Not sure which product to use?


For fur cleaning, we recommend the use of Grit-o’Cobs 4060 or Grit-o’Cobs -40.



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Want to make your furs last longer?

Cleaning your furs at least once per year and keeping them out of the summer heat will keep them lasting much longer!