Flavor & Fragrance Carrier

While our smaller sized Grit-o’Cobs granules find widespread use as carriers for animal feed flavors, our larger grade Grit-o’Cobs products are typically used as fragrance carriers for potpourri and other fragrance products.

Grit-o’Cobs corncob granules can also be used as carriers for dry carpet cleaners and room deodorizers.

As an inert ingredient, Grit-o’Cobs provides consistency in size, carrying capacity and color — all important qualities in a flavor or fragrance carrier. Grit-o’Cobs, when used to create a homogeneous material, provides excellent efficacy.

Grit-o’Cobs granules can be irradiated, when the application requires.

How to select


Grit-o’Cobs is available in multiple grades ideal for flavor and fragrance applications. Here’s what we recommend:

For use as ingredients in animal feed flavors
Grit-o’Cobs 4060 or Grit-o’Cobs -40

For use as fragrance carrier
Grit-o’Cobs +8



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Features & Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly & biodegradable
  • High absorption optimizes product manufacture
  • Particle size ranges support variety of uses
  • Attractive cost benefits for manufacturers
  • Excellent efficacy
  • Corncob is an inert ingredient
  • High resistance to attrition



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