Blast Cleaning & Paint Removal

Grit-o’Cobs abrasive corncob granules are an effective and eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting. In fact, it’s an all-natural, biodegrable product – ideal for paint removal from metal, fiberglass and wood surfaces.

Contractors, homeowners and other users find it the perfect material for blast cleaning log cabin homes, electrical insulators and transformer substations, barns, boat hulls and wooden decks prior to refinishing.

Coarser grade materials are also very effective on smoke damage, grease and oil removal.

How Do I Know Which Product to Use?


Grit-o’Cobs corncob blast cleaning abrasives are selected based on the type of job to be done. While there are many applications, here are some of our most common recommendations:

Grit-o’Cobs 814 & Grit-o’Cobs 1014
Smoke damage, foundry interiors, off-road equipment, oil rigs, mining equipment, dust filter bags, corrugated ceilings, masonry, cement and brick work, wrought iron, cast metal product restorations

Grit-O’Cobs 1420
Machinery, heavy equipment, electrical substations, log homes, wood and brick houses, barns, automotive parts, aluminum molds, turbines, production plants

Grit-o’Cobs 2040 & Grit-o’Cobs 4060
Motors, generators, machinery, fiberglass, aluminum and wood boat hulls, log homes, wood and metal industrial buildings, deflashing metal and plastic parts, jet engines



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Features & Benefits

  • Safe and effective cleaning media
  • No silica content
  • Less aggressive than sandblasting or power washing
  • Easy to use, great for restoration
  • Works well with standard sandblasting equipment
  • High efficiency reduces material required
  • Little or no masking required, reduced labor cost
  • Spent material can be used as absorbent
  • Virtually dust-free



Before beginning any project, test a small area to determine if masking may be required or if you need to adjust P.S.I. and/or C.F.M. to prevent damage to surfaces.



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